When to Send Your Save the Dates + Free Extra Secret Tips

Whoop whoop! Did you decide on the location for your wedding day yet? If so, that is so exciting! If not, it’s okay, you still have plenty of time. :)

So, today I thought I would write you a little post about something that seems to be a bit unclear for many couples out there who are in the same planning phase as you are . That is - when to send your Save the Date cards. 



A general rule is to send the Save the Dates out 6-8 months prior to the wedding. If you have a faraway destination wedding, a wedding over a holiday weekend or many international guests to invite, you would want to send them out 9-12 months prior. This gives your guest plenty of time to plan accordingly, book their travel, take time off work and save up some money.



  • Have you not decided on a color scheme or a theme for your wedding yet? That is totally fine, my friend. Your save the date does not HAVE to match the rest of your wedding stationery and you are allowed to be a bit *crazy* with your save the date.
  • Why not use an engagement photo, or a nice photo of your pretty selves for your save the date? In the Etsy shop, we offer many templates where you can add your own photos here. Easy peasy and super fun!
  • If you have one, your wedding website can be included on the Save the date.
  • Not sure who to send the Save the Date to? Remember, you don’t have to send out Save the Dates to every single person on your guest list. Perhaps you don’t have a 100% set guest list at this point.. Send the Save the Dates out to the ones that are extra important and that you absolutely want to attend your wedding.

Take a look in the Etsy shop and our Save the Date templates.

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