Printable Envelope Addressing Template

A beautiful envelope truly gives that extra something, something to your wedding invitation. Goes without saying, the envelope is the first thing your guest sees when the invite arrives with them.

However, you might not want to spend half your wedding budget on getting your envelopes professionally addressed by a calligrapher, but still want the envelopes to make an impression and set the tone of your wedding?

If you’re anything like me, your hand writing isn’t super pretty, and you don’t have the patience (i.e rather have a glas of rosé) to write on all of the guest envelopes. To save both time and money, I have them printed straight from my ’not at all fancy’ inkjet printer at home. It is sooo easy and convenient.

This way, my arm wont hurt for a week and the envelopes will look a trillion times better than if you write them yourself (unless you’re a professional calligrapher of course). Your guests will be so impressed and your envelopes will look beautiful (and expensive). This is such an amazing secret, I feel I have to share it with you all.

First, check out my printable envelope addressing templates in the Etsy shop (click, click). There, you can find a bunch of beautiful envelope addressing templates to fit your invitation perfectly. Like the one I used in the images below. After entering all your addresses, the template will save to a high-resolution PDF file for printing directly onto your envelopes.

★ when printing on your home printer, make sure to do a test print before printing your whole batch.

Printable envelope addressing DIY
Printable envelope addressing DIY

Here is how I do it:

Printable envelope addressing DIY